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500 ml bottle with measuring cup

Body weight balanca

Liquids elimination

Metabolism stimulation

Body purification

Cellulite imperfections contrast

Metabolic, purifying, energizing action

Fat absorption reduction

Water retention reduction

Lean mass gain

Draining and diuretic effect

Regulation of blood sugar

Detoxifying action

Stimulation of basal metabolic rate

Support of intestinal function

Tonic and energizing effect

Body weight rebalance

Drainage of body fluids 

Microcirculation function

Increased bioavailability of calcium

Antioxidant action

Support in low calorie and ketogenic diets


Highly purified water, vegetable glycerol, food grade maltodextrin, orange powder flavor, pineapple stalk, green tea dry extract 95% polyphenols, Gramigna, Ash, Spirea, Dandelion, Birch, guarana, FOS, citric acid, benzoate sodium, potassium sorbate, sweetener: sucralose.


10 ml diluted in a glass of water in the morning.

Intensive action: dilute 20 ml in 500 ml of water and consume throughout the day.

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EURO 14.90
EURO 14.90