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ThermaCare heat wraps represent a real help to fight muscular and joint pains. These heat wraps have beneficial effects in heat therapy, without the use of medications.

They act against muscle and joint pain in various areas of the body such as the back, neck, shoulders and wrists.

Available in boxes of two or more disposable patches, specifically designed to fit these specific areas of the body. They are comfortable to wear and become invisible under clothing.

ThermaCare is a product uses heat therapy with the aim of relieving muscle pain, joint pain and helping to restore the natural musculature.

When opened the package, ThermaCare begins to warm up to reach the therapeutic temperature of 40 ° C in 30 minutes. ThermaCare technology allows a constant and controlled application of therapeutic heat for 8 hours. The heat penetrates deeply to relax muscle tension, promote blood circulation and, consequently, reduces pain up to 16 hours (ie, during 8 hours with the patch and in the next 8 hours).

Practical to wear, ThermaCare presents a discreet form and can be easily worn under clothing, both at work and during other daily activities.

They do not contain latex, perfumes and do not leave marks.

The action was evaluated up to 16 hours in the following areas: back, shoulders and neck.

From 55 years up, it is recommended to wear light clothes on ThermaCare. 

EURO 17.00
EURO 17.00